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I’m Sam Schott, and I love music and admire those who make the best.  You may have guessed that I still have a working turntable and a decent collection of LP’s.  (For the Text Generation, those are the really big round black discs with the big covers that your coolest of friends won’t let you touch until they show you how not to mess them up.)  I still listen to them.  Even though I have most of my favorite music in digital formats, there is no substitute for analog.  The best original music was and is made with analog instruments, analog vocals, and listened by people’s analog ears.  Digitizing music is convenient, but no matter how well it’s done, it’s still the equivalent of chopping down a tree, shredding it into bits, and then gluing some of the bits back together to re-create the tree.   Not the same.

In 1986 I got a laser from an old Xerox copier, which was the old-style ruby rod 1mW red laser that was about the size of a fluorescent black light box.  Anyway, I had it rigged to power up by plugging it in the wall outlet.  Cool.  At first.  I played with smoke and fog and moving it around by hand while listening to a wide range of music.   But that got old,  Finally, I came up with a way (not telling, yet) to make those records make my laser dance.  Cool again.  Very cool.  Over the years, I’ve developed a few tricks to create new ways of experiencing my favorite music.  Now, I want to share my artistry and help my favorite musicians, new and classic, to prosper with it.  It’s a genuine heartfelt way of mine to thank them for their time effort and struggles to make the music that helped me get through tough times and enjoy good times.  Please let me know what you think.

What are your favorite songs and artists?  What music would you like to see?  I can’t do them all, since these videos are not computer generated, but crafted individually.  But I’m open to suggestions and eager to share my favorites.  Enjoy.