“Hear Me Lord” – Davy Knowles & Back Door Slam

“Hear Me Lord” – Davy Knowles & Back Door Slam – screener

Davy Knowles time with Back Door Slam yielded blues so deep and soulful they pull you into feelings at the very heart of our existence.   The prayerful “Hear Me Lord” is a prime example – dive in and let it wash over you.
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“Learn To Fly” – Twinemen

“Learn To Fly” – Twinemen – screener

From Cambridge, members of Morphine and Face to Face join forces to create the alternative marvel that is Twinemen.  Unconventional instrumentation and musical storytelling weave visions of places unique and characters truly compelling.  Laser Show Dynamic agrees with Twinemen: If you want to live this life – Learn to Fly.

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“How Deep It Goes” – Heart

“How Deep It Goes” – Heart – screener

Ann and Nancy Wilson… they didn’t exactly start Heart, but they put their hearts into the band for decades.  Even with the essential contributions of  Roger Fisher and others, when people think of  Heart they think of the Wilson sisters.  Wonderfully thoughtful, soulful, and creative; they gave us a wide range of music from blazing rock to tender ballads that pull you right into their dreams.   Their debut album Dreamboat Annie is filled with great songs, so choosing the first one for Laser Show Dynamic wasn’t easy.  I chose “How Deep It Goes” partly because it has been overshadowed by “Magic Man” and “Crazy On You” – hits that still receive a lot of airplay.  If you are just now discovering Heart, I strongly recommend you explore all their music to see just how deep it goes.

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“The Brazilian” – Genesis

“The Brazilian” – Genesis – screener

Since Genesis formed in 1967 they evolved as the best progressive rock bands did.  Great theatrical sensibilities infused their musical visions and live performances.
Though my favorite Genesis album remains “Wind & Wuthering,” (Nothing beats listening to the Japanese pressing of the LP.)  my favorite 1980’s Genesis song is “The Brazilian.”  The melody progression paints a musical version of an Escher drawing.  With Laser Show Dynamic, you’ll see what I mean…
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“Three Wishes” – Camel

“Three Wishes” – Camel – screener

Camel has been making wonderful music for decades, raising the bar for progressive rock with fusions of many influences. Lead guitarist and prolific composer Andrew Latimer’s distinctive style shines through in driving rock, haunting ballads, and works on an orchestral scale. Camel earned a very devoted following, yet still fly under most people’s radar. If you haven’t had the privilege, please allow me to make the formal introduction. Enjoy “Three Wishes” from their 2000 album “Rajaz,” through the wonder of Laser Show Dynamic!

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