“Song Within A Song” – Camel

“Song Within A Song” – Laser Show Dynamic ®   screener   

Today most people seem to have the attention span of a… What was I saying?  Oh, right.   The long-lived creatively impressive progressive rock/fusion band Camel specializes in music that is meant to be listened to, not mearly heard as back-ground.  Those of you who still can turn off your phone and television and spend time just listening to great music will be justly rewarded by this sweet piece from Camel’s album “MoonMadness.”  Thanks to Laser Show Dynamic you not only get to listen with your ears, you also get to listen with your eyes.  Savor the experience.
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“Cherkassy” – Tim & Myles Thompson

“Cherkassy” – Tim & Myles Thompson – screener

Father and son Tim & Myles Thompson do amazing things with string instruments.   “Cherkassy”  shows a wonderful blending of talents achieved after years of hard work.   The title is the name of a school in Ukraine they helped with benefit concerts overseas.  Catch them live when they tour near you.  In the mean time, enjoy seeing their music through the artistry of  Laser Show Dynamic!

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“Fat Old Sun” – David Gilmour

“Fat Old Sun” – David Gilmour – screener

Laser Show Dynamic’s 50th video!  Such a milestone required an extraordinarily special musical experience.  And so it is.
David Gilmour is one of the very best reasons for the invention of the guitar.  This British blues master brought a distinctive style and vocals that elevated Pink Floyd’s music over a span of decades.
“Fat Old Sun” was first written and sung by Gilmour for Pink Floyd in 1970 for the album “Atom Heart Mother.”  A favorite of Pink Floyd tours, it often blossomed into extended instrumental jams that were truly legendary.
This track you are about to see through the artistry and magic of Laser Show Dynamic was recorded in 2006 during the David Gilmour solo “On An Island” tour at the Gdansk Shipyard. Pink Floyd bandmate Richard Wright joins David on keyboards, making this very special experience even moreso.

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“No Love Is Sorrow” – Pentangle

“No Love Is Sorrow” – Pentangle – screener

The folk-jazz group Pentangle blended influences including blues and early music.  Well respected and loved by the British folk scene, Pentangle made many appearances on BBC radio and television.
“Folk Baroque” was a signature technique of theirs using inter-dependent guitar parts that while complex, flowed smoothly and sweetly.  This is mirrored in the vocal duet of “No Love Is Sorrow” in the harmonies as well as the distinct vocal tones.  Counterpoint and symmetry.  Lovely.  Thanks to the BBC for saving the tape!
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“50,000 Candles Burning” – The Graces

“50,000 Candles Burning” – The Graces – screener

Charlotte Caffey, Meredith Brooks, and Gia Ciambotti formed The Graces in 1988 and released their debut album Perfect View in 1989.  “50,000 Candles Burning” visually debuts here via Laser Show Dynamic with flashes of brilliance and driving energy.  Your eyes and ears may never be the same…

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“Water Song” – Hot Tuna

“Water Song” – Hot Tuna – screener

Hot Tuna, the love child of Jefferson Airplane, play some of the best blues-rock EVER, both electric and acoustic.  Bass player Jack Casady, guitarist Jorma Kaukonen along with a host of other exceptional musicians gave us music that transcends labels. Their amazing talent, hard work, and deep abiding love flows from their instruments through your ears into your soul.
Choosing the first Hot Tuna song for Laser Show Dynamic proved incredibly difficult – so many great possibilities!  We present “Water Song” – soak it up and let it wash over you…
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“Holes To Heaven” – Jack Johnson

“Holes To Heaven” – Jack Johnson – Laser Show Dynamic ®  screener

Jack Johnson…  Folk singer-songwriter, surfer, filmmaker, and musician- Checklist of Cool Things To Be When You Grow Up:  complete.   The first Laser Show Dynamic treatment for his thoughtful wonderful sound: “Holes To Heaven.”  Sound and light- ride the waves!
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“Bird’s Eye View” – A. J. Cheek

“Bird’s Eye View” – A. J. Cheek – screener

Armon Jay Cheek soon releases a brand new album certain to inspire and warm.  From his previous CD The Art of Letting Go,  “Bird’s Eye View”  features his from-the-heart vocals and canny composition skills – gift wrapped here by Laser Show Dynamic complete with a seasonal bow at the end.  Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukah with wishes for a great New Year!

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“My Love” – Paul McCartney & Wings

“My Love” – Paul McCartney & Wings – screener

Paul McCartney & Wings first U.S. number 1 hit “My Love” features a great guitar solo/bridge by former Moody Blues guitarist Denny Laine.  Laser Show Dynamic presents another ‘moving impressionist painting’ with uplifting visuals to compliment this mellow musical journey. 
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“Daydream” – Robin Trower

“Daydream” – Robin Trower – screener

Robin Trower rose to prominence with Procul Harum then ventured solo.  He remains a virtuoso of the electric guitar, gifting us with decades of musical treasures.  “Daydream” you may have heard before, but now you get to see this gem for the first time ever in the setting of Laser Show Dynamic.  A light show in the bright blue sky?  Must be a Daydream…

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