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Screener Versions – Alphabetical by Song

“No Love Is Sorrow” – Pentangle – screener

The folk-jazz group Pentangle blended influences including blues and early music. Well respected and loved by the British folk scene, Pentangle made many appearances on BBC radio and television. “Folk Baroque” was a signature technique of theirs using inter-dependent guitar parts that while complex, flowed smoothly and sweetly. This is mirrored in the vocal duet of “No Love Is Sorrow” in the harmonies as well as the distinct vocal tones. Counterpoint and symmetry. Lovely. Thanks to the BBC for saving the tape! For more Pentangle go to iTunes! For more musical discoveries via Laser Show Dynamic ® go to http://LaserShowDynamic.com/blog Share the love at Facebook: http://facebook.com/LaserShowDynamic

“Our Lips Are Sealed” – Go-Go’s – screener

One of the best things to come out of the California punk scene was the Go-Go’s. Soft vocals with great harmonies plus serious rock chops on instruments combine beauty and the beat for kick-butt fun. This cut from their first album is one of my favorites that always makes me smile. Now it’s your turn! For more beautiful beats go to iTunes and gogos.com To get up and get away with Laser Show Dynamic ® go to LaserShowDynamic.com’s Blog page.

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“Peaches En Regalia” – Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention – screener

Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention continue to influence many areas of music long after their wonderful run. Their fusions of Jazz, Rock, Blues, R&B, and just about everything else helped create and re-define Fusion. If they aren’t on your iPod already, they should be. One of Frank’s favorites, “Peaches En Regalia” was a mainstay of live performances continued in the 21st Century by his son Dweezil through Zappa Plays Zappa. Finally you get a chance to actually see it through the techno-mage miracle of Laser Show Dynamic. ® To Freak Out with more Zappa go to Zappa.com and iTunes. For more cosmic Laser Show Dynamic experiences check out Laser Show Dynamic on YouTube!

“Pretend” – Sierra Hull – screener

Another gem from Sierra Hull and her great band from her first CD “Secrets.” Bluegrass in green courtesy Laser Show Dynamic. For more beautiful music from Sierra Hull go to SierraHull.com For more fantastic Laser Show Dynamic ® experiences go to the Video Page & Laser Show Dynamic’s Facebook Page! For more about The Light Whisperer go to TheSamSchott.com

“Red Barchetta” – Rush

Only the best driving song EVER! Great storytelling and musical dynamics – perfect for the very first Rush Laser Show Dynamic experience. Maisie Grace, Conceptual Consultant, provided insightful assistance – see the behind-the-scenes photo in the end credits! For more Rush music go to Rush.com and iTunes. For more amazing Laser Show Dynamic experiences go to iTunes and TheSamSchott.com

“Riviera Paradise” – Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

This one is close to home for me in many ways. I lived most of my life in Austin, Texas, where SRV was kind of an adopted son, and Auditorium Shores a personal favorite place for concerts and buzzing joggers with my radio controlled airplanes. “Riviera Paradise” remains my very favorite SRV & DT piece. Featuring the talents of the entire band in a way perfect for Austin in the moonlight, (and the moon-tower light) “Riviera Paradise” is a love letter to the city whose music scene they helped to shape. Framing this piece is the poster art for this “Rites of Spring” concert by my friend Nels Jacobson – a.k.a. jagmo. (printing by Terry Raines) Their creations spanning decades are featured in “The Art of Rock” and “The Art of Modern Rock.” Musical and artistic vision come together on ‘The Third Coast.’ If you don’t know Austin, Texas, this is a very good place to start. And if you do – welcome home… For more SRV and Double Trouble go to SRVofficial.com and iTunes. For more Austintatious experiences go to Laser Show Dynamic on Facebook!

Savitri – Child of the Sun – 2002 2002 is a band of two wonderful people who know how to create moods joyful and peaceful. This track is a sweet additon to my Transcendental Instrumental line of Laser Show Dynamic ® videos. Let the experience melt away the stress of your day. A great way to wind down before bedtime, too. For more wonderful music by 2002 go to 2002music.com For more Laser Show Dynamic videos, explore my vimeo channel and for fun surprises go to http://TheSamSchott.com

“Secrets” – Sierra Hull

Sierra Hull is an amazing talent surrounded by a band that lives up to it. This Laser Show Dynamic ® video of her song “Secrets” took nearly 100 takes and literally months to achieve the look and feel I wanted, including the fiery golden intensity. For more Sierra Hull go to her official site: SierraHull.com.

“Shake It Up” – The Cars – Screener Version

An ’80’s blast of fun with the bright red bling of your favorite girl’s smiling lips. “Shake It Up” rocks one of the tightest guitar bridges you’ll ever hear. Be warned – symptoms include the irresistable urge to play air guitar right along with it. Dim the lights and crank up the sound! For more music by the Cars – Move Like This to iTunes and www.TheCars.org. For more eye-and-ear-candy experiences go to the Videos Page and iTunes. For more fun from The Light Whisperer go to http://TheSamSchott.com.

“Singing My Song” – The Partridge Family . One of the best kept secrets in music is the quality of studio musicianship, some of which is phenomenal. The Partridge Family is mostly known for the vocals by David Cassidy and Shirley Jones. The musicians backing them called themselves The Wrecking Crew. They did great work that sold millions and never got the spotlight. This is a piece that shows their stuff – tight, clean, and professional – but with more soul than you’d expect for the clean-cut image of a family TV show.

C’mon – get happy and groove to sight and sound of this Laser Show Dynamic experience! It features a background inspired by the 1920’s artist Mondrian, which inspired the design of the iconic Partridge Famiy bus. For more Partridge Family music and the show itself, go to iTunes.

“Singing Winds, Crying Beasts” – Santana – screener Santana’s fusion of Latin, Jazz, blues, and more blend into dreamy awesomeness in my favorite cut from Abraxas. See it in a whole new way for the very first time with Laser Show Dynamic! Now here’s hoping the Santana reunion with the classic line-up happens soon… For more music by Santana go to Santana.com and iTunes To SEE more music with Laser Show Dynamic® —> on YouTube! For more surprises from The Light Whisperer go to TheSamSchott.com

“Song Within A Song” – Laser Show Dynamic ® screener

Today most people seem to have the attention span of a… What was I saying? Oh, right. The long-lived creatively impressive progressive rock/fusion band Camel specializes in music that is meant to be listened to, not mearly heard as back-ground. Those of you who still can turn off your phone and television and spend time just listening to great music will be justly rewarded by this sweet piece from Camel’s album “MoonMadness.” Thanks to Laser Show Dynamic you not only get to listen with your ears, you also get to listen with your eyes. Savor the experience. For more beautiful music from Camel, go to www.CamelProductions.com and iTunes. For more audio/visual experiences by Laser Show Dynamic® go to http://LaserShowDynamic.com/blog Share with your friends with Laser Show Dynamic on Facebook – http://facebook.com/LaserShowDynamic


“Speak To Me – Breathe” – Pink Floyd

It doesn’t get any more iconic than this. Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon is both epic and deeply personal from start to finish, and considered by many to be the best album ever. This Laser Show Dynamic presentation of “Speak To Me” and “Breathe” shows you the music in a way that brings the album cover art to life! I bring my original methods and merge them with new ones especially created for this project. Enjoy… For more Pink Floyd go to PinkFloyd.com . For more amazing Laser Show Dynamic ® experiences, explore my Vimeo channel and go to TheSamSchott.com.

“Spirit In The Sky” – Norman Greenbaum Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit In The Sky” is joyful and hopeful and fun, making it a perfect track for a Laser Show Dynamic experience. Maisie Grace, Conceptual Consultant, makes an audio farewell appearance after the end credits – you can hear the clickity clacks of her paw-nails on the wood floor as she clears the set.. Her inspiration and relaxed zen will continue in Laser Show Dynamic productions. She will be missed as she awaits us in “The Place that’s the Best.”