“Hyper-Gamma-Spaces” – The Alan Parsons Project

“Hyper-Gamma-Spaces” – The Alan Parsons Project – screener

The Alan Parsons Project goes back to Abbey Road Studios where Alan had run  tape recording tech for the Beatles.  By 1974 this accomplished engineer (Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon) and producer met composer/pianist Eric Woolfson.   Together, as The Alan Parsons Project they produced concept album classics including I, Robot and Tales of Mystery and Imagination.   From Eye In the Sky comes this Transcendental Instrumental “Hyper-Gamma-Spaces.”    Enjoy the journey!

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“Genesis Ch.1 V.32” – The Alan Parsons Project

“Genesis Ch.1 V.32” – The Alan Parsons Project – screener

Alan Parsons engineered “Abbey Road” and “Dark Side of the Moon” – so it’s no surprise his collaboration with Eric Woolfson as The Alan Parsons Project created incredible music.  “I Robot” still resonates with the feel of the not-too-distant future decades after its release. Here is my favorite instrumental from it – “Genesis Ch.1 V.32” – a creation about creation.  Which makes the Laser Show Dynamic take on it… a creation about a creation about creation.
So… Let there be light!

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