“How Deep It Goes” – Heart

“How Deep It Goes” – Heart – screener

Ann and Nancy Wilson… they didn’t exactly start Heart, but they put their hearts into the band for decades.  Even with the essential contributions of  Roger Fisher and others, when people think of  Heart they think of the Wilson sisters.  Wonderfully thoughtful, soulful, and creative; they gave us a wide range of music from blazing rock to tender ballads that pull you right into their dreams.   Their debut album Dreamboat Annie is filled with great songs, so choosing the first one for Laser Show Dynamic wasn’t easy.  I chose “How Deep It Goes” partly because it has been overshadowed by “Magic Man” and “Crazy On You” – hits that still receive a lot of airplay.  If you are just now discovering Heart, I strongly recommend you explore all their music to see just how deep it goes.

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