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I’m Sam Schott, and I love music and admire those who make the best. You may have guessed that I still have a working turntable and a decent collection of LP’s. (For the Text Generation, those are the really big round black discs with the big covers that your coolest of friends won’t let you touch until they show you how not to mess them up.) I still listen to them. Even though I have most of my favorite music in digital formats, there is no substitute for analog. The best original music was and is made with analog instruments, analog vocals, and listened by people’s analog ears. Digitizing music is convenient, but no matter how well it’s done, it’s still the equivalent of chopping down a tree, shredding it into bits, and then gluing some of the bits back together to re-create the tree. Not the same.

In 1986 I got a laser from an old Xerox copier, which was the old-style ruby rod 1mW red laser that was about the size of a fluorescent black light box. Anyway, I had it rigged to power up by plugging it in the wall outlet. Cool. At first. I played with smoke and fog and moving it around by hand while listening to a wide range of music. But that got old, Finally, I came up with a way (not telling, yet) to make those records make my laser dance. Cool again. Very cool. Over the years, I’ve developed a few tricks to create new ways of experiencing my favorite music. Now, I want to share my artistry and help my favorite musicians, new and classic, to prosper with it. It’s a genuine heartfelt way of mine to thank them for their time effort and struggles to make the music that helped me get through tough times and enjoy good times. Please let me know what you think.

What are your favorite songs and artists? What music would you like to see? I can’t do them all, since these videos are not computer generated, but crafted individually. But I’m open to suggestions and eager to share my favorites. Enjoy.

Come for the Laser Show, STAY for the Maisiegram.

Many of the best motion pictures have special surprises for those who stay for the end credits. Might be a short scene or cool message. Laser Show Dynamic fans who stay through the (much shorter!) end credits are rewarded with a Maisiegram honoring the enduring influence of Conceptual Consultant Maisie Grace. So…

Come for the Laser Show, STAY for the Maisiegram!


About the Name…

Yeah, yeah, I know… Laser Show Dynamic… L.S.D. Coincidence?
Actually… Yes. It is.
Sure, the art I create is visually trippy as it celebrates beautiful and often trippy music.
But here’s the rather boring truth behind the name:
I spent years trying to come up with a name for what I create. I thought of words and phrases like “Light Magic” “Laser Magician” “Laser Artistry” and many more, most of which I’ve forgotten. I wanted to create a name that captured the experience and what makes it unique. What makes it different.
And by the time I was able to capture what I do in a way that I can share it (and even help the musicians I admire and for whom I’m truly grateful) the internet and websites came into play.
So it basically came down to this: Search Engine Optimization. Yeah, I know – boring.
I knew that I had to have the words “Laser” and “Show” because they are the basic thing of it, and what most people would use to search for this kind of experience. But it took a while to figure out the one last word in the name. (three-word names being best)
That third word had to be accurate, compelling, and really convey what makes my laser artistry different than every other laser light show out there. Most laser light shows are repetitive patterns/algorhythms that try to compliment the music. My artistry starts from a system I created in 1986 where the motion of the laser is the music itself. And that’s the difference. The dynamics of the music. “Dynamic.” Perfect.
Great! I have the three words. What order do I put them in? Hmmmm… “Laser Show” had to come first, and in that order, because search engines can find it faster when people look for beautiful laser light and music shows. So “Dynamic” had to come last. Which is fine with me, because “Laser Show Dynamic” has a nice ring and flow to it. Can’t help the possibly controversial inititals. Apologies to both those who are worried about the intials and to those who may be disappointed in the actual why of it. If you like, think of Laser Show Dynamic as the safe and legal drug-free LSD. You can enjoy it anytime (except when you’re driving, of course…) and it’s always a great trip!

BTW, all Laser Show Dynamic videos are a wonderful way to relax before you go to bed, or any time you’re stressed-out. As you experience Laser Show Dynamic, your mind is pulled into it both visually and aurally. Your brain realizes and homes in on the coolness that you are seeing what you are hearing. This pulls you out of the ‘tapes’ your brain was playing in your head that stress you out. You know, the worries, the stuff that ticked you off, the people that bother you, your to-do lists, etc. All the stuff you sometimes can’t help thinking about, especially when you are trying to wind down from a hard day.
Let my artistry and some of the best music you’ll ever hear take you away from that for a while. Enjoy.
– Sam


Maisie GraceLast night I lost a very dear friend. Maisie Grace slipped away to her maker while resting her head on my arm and in the arms of Kathy. Five years ago in the McKamey animal shelter she was alone and scared when I went in to console her. She was skittish at first, but I talked softly to her and gave her the first of countless gentle scratchin’s. When I finally had to stand up, she put her paw on my arm. She chose us. Thanks to Kathy we have been privileged to be her friend for almost 5 years. The Shelter called her Maisie. I added Grace to her name and she lived up to it. Maisie was truly a “Grace Dog” reminding us about the simple joys in life, the most important of which is ‘being with.’ I’ve long believed that good dogs and other such little miracles are God’s way of letting us know He loves us and wants us to be happy. Now that her simple spirit has returned to the home of the Holy Spirit of which she’s a part, we feel gratitude for and take solace in the time we shared. Maisie came to us alone and scared, but she left this world peacefully, surrounded by love. We will miss her deeply until she greets us on the other side.

Maisie Grace is credited in all our videos as the Conceptual Consultant, which in her sweet and quiet way… she kinda was. Laser Show Dynamic will continue to honor her special contributions that continue even in her absence help to make this a kind oasis of positive coolness. For those of you who have furry friends, please give them some extra scratchin’s for me.

Love to you all,