Laser Show Dynamic ®

 Ever wonder what your favorite music LOOKS like?  Now you can actually SEE the music as you listen.  NOT computer algorithm  – the music IS the motion with special artistry methods I started developing in 1986.

Preparations are underway to make the full 1080p HD versions (minus screener watermarks – in our case MaisieMarks!) available on iTunes, other download and streaming venues with eventual releases planned on DVD and Blu-ray!         

See the Music – Laser Show Dynamic! ®

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You can even search by catagory or name.  Keep checking back for new experiences!

Musicians and their agents – the Musician’s Revenue Opportunities page is for you!

Thanks very much for all your encouragement, feedback, and support that keeps this a positive oasis of coolness.  Please let me know how I can make this even better for you.


Sam Schott – Laser Artist & Producer      Maisie Grace – Conceptual Consultant

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