“Holding On To Yesterday” – Ambrosia

“Holding On To Yesterday” – Ambrosia – screener

Alan Parsons engineered Ambrosia’s self-titled debut album shortly before The Alan Parsons Project recorded Tales of Mystery and Imagination.   David Pack, Joe Puerta, Christopher North, and Burleigh Drummond – Ambrosia – all played on that A.P.P. debut album.  Both fine works of progressive rock feature a wonderful focus on melody with luxurious production values and lovely harmonies. “Holding On To Yesterday” was Ambrosia’s first song to chart in the Top 20 and continues to surface on radio and streaming sites.  Laser Show Dynamic ® proudly provides a new way to appreciate an old favorite.   SEE the music!

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“Hyper-Gamma-Spaces” – The Alan Parsons Project

“Hyper-Gamma-Spaces” – The Alan Parsons Project – screener

The Alan Parsons Project goes back to Abbey Road Studios where Alan had run  tape recording tech for the Beatles.  By 1974 this accomplished engineer (Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon) and producer met composer/pianist Eric Woolfson.   Together, as The Alan Parsons Project they produced concept album classics including I, Robot and Tales of Mystery and Imagination.   From Eye In the Sky comes this Transcendental Instrumental “Hyper-Gamma-Spaces.”    Enjoy the journey!

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