“Tomorrow Never Knows” – The Beatles – Screener Version

“Tomorrow Never Knows”

The Beatles changed the world, and here’s a great example how. “Tomorrow Never Knows” was groundbreaking in ways creative, technical, and cultural. Layers of sounds and thought provoking lyrics combine for a white-water rafting adventure of the mind. Transcendental though not merely instrumental, this Laser Show Dynamic experience will carry you downstream…
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“Dreamscape” – Alan Parsons – Screener Version

“Dreamscape” – Alan Parsons

Alan Parsons is well known for engineering such great albums as The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon,” as well as his work with Eric Woolfson as The Alan Parsons Project.  This piece is from his solo album “Try Anything Once” and is definitely a Transcendental Instrumental.   Dim the lights, up the sound, and relax into a Laser Show Dynamic Dreamscape.  For more Alan Parsons music go to AlanParsons.com  For more about the Light Whisperer Sam and his Zen Master and Conceptual Consultant Maisie Grace, go to TheSamSchott.com

“Speak To Me – Breathe” – Pink Floyd

“Speak To Me – Breathe” – Pink Floyd – Screener Version

It doesn’t get any more iconic than this. Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon is both epic and deeply personal from start to finish, and considered by many to be the best album ever. This Laser Show Dynamic presentation of “Speak To Me” and “Breathe” shows you the music in a way that brings the album cover art to life! I bring my original methods and merge them with new ones especially created for this project. Enjoy…

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