“Genesis Ch.1 V.32” – The Alan Parsons Project

“Genesis Ch.1 V.32” – The Alan Parsons Project – screener

Alan Parsons engineered “Abbey Road” and “Dark Side of the Moon” – so it’s no surprise his collaboration with Eric Woolfson as The Alan Parsons Project created incredible music.  “I Robot” still resonates with the feel of the not-too-distant future decades after its release. Here is my favorite instrumental from it – “Genesis Ch.1 V.32” – a creation about creation.  Which makes the Laser Show Dynamic take on it… a creation about a creation about creation.
So… Let there be light!

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“Dream” – Priscilla Ahn – Laser Show Dynamic ® screener

“Dream” – Priscilla Ahn – screener

Priscilla Ahn is a pure joy.  If she isn’t already one of your favorite singer-songwriters, you just haven’t heard her yet.  Here’s your chance to hear her song “Dream” and see it, too – through the wonders of Laser Show Dynamic. ®   Bliss…
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“Peaches En Regalia” – Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention – Laser Show Dynamic ® screener

“Peaches En Regalia” – Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention – screener


Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention continue to influence many areas of music long after their wonderful run.  Their fusions of Jazz, Rock, Blues, R&B, and just about everything else helped create and re-define Fusion.  If they aren’t on your iPod already, they should be.
One of Frank’s favorites, “Peaches En Regalia” was a mainstay of live performances continued in the 21st Century by his son Dweezil through Zappa Plays Zappa.   Finally you get a chance to actually see it through the techno-mage miracle of Laser Show Dynamic. ®
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Come for the Laser Show, STAY for the Maisiegram.

Many of the best motion pictures have special surprises for those who stay for the end credits.  Might be a short scene or cool message.   Laser Show Dynamic fans who stay through the (much shorter!) end credits are rewarded with a Maisiegram honoring the enduring influence of Conceptual Consultant Maisie Grace.   So… 

Come for the Laser Show, STAY for the Maisiegram!




“Pretend” – Sierra Hull

“Pretend” – Sierra Hull – screener

Another gem from Sierra Hull and her great band from her first CD “Secrets.” Bluegrass in green courtesy Laser Show Dynamic.
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“Singing Winds, Crying Beasts” – Santana – screener

“Singing Winds, Crying Beasts” – Santana – screener

Santana’s fusion of Latin, Jazz, blues, and more blend into dreamy awesomeness in my favorite cut from Abraxas.   See it in a whole new way for the very first time with Laser Show Dynamic!  Now here’s hoping the Santana reunion with the classic line-up happens soon…

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