“White Rabbit” – Jefferson Airplane

“White Rabbit” – Jefferson Airplane – screener 

21st Century Laser Show Dynamic meets 1960’s Jefferson Airplane at the Fillmore!  An homage to Jefferson Airplane, the wizards of the ’60’s light shows, and one of my favorite poster artists – Victor Moscoso.   Lewis Carroll never saw this coming!  Or maybe he did…

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“Shake It Up” – The Cars – Screener Version

“Shake It Up” – The Cars – Screener Version

  An ’80’s blast of fun with the bright red bling of your favorite girl’s smiling lips. “Shake It Up” rocks one of the tightest guitar bridges you’ll ever hear. Be warned – symptoms include the irresistable urge to play air guitar right along with it. Dim the lights and crank up the sound!
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“Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers” – Jeff Beck – screener

“Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers” – Jeff Beck – screener

Blues rock and jazz fusion blend in Jeff Beck’s take on Stevie Wonder’s “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers.” One of the all-time greatest guitarists (not just my opinion – he ranked 5th on Rolling Stone’s list) Beck played with The Yardbirds then went on to be one of the most influential in the craft.
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“America” – Neil Diamond

“America” – Diamond – screener version

Happy Independence Day!  Here are some electronic fireworks set to an inspirational song from the soundtrack to the motion picture “The Jazz Singer” by Neil Diamond.   Share with your friends on Facebook via the Laser Show Dynamic page!

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