“Frankenstein” – The Edgar Winter Group

“Frankenstein” – The Edgar Winter Group – Screener Version

The Edgar Winter Group was innovative, unexpected, and a miracle fusion of rock, jazz, and a myriad of influences. “Frankenstein” was a revelation of music meets Theater of the Mind. Anyone who had seen the Frankenstein movies or read the novel could picture the lab and all the crazy equipment bringing Frankenstein’s Monster to life as the song unfolds. With a unique pallet of techniques I bring Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory aesthetically in this Laser Show Dynamic ® presentation of Edgar Winter’s most famous creation. It’s Alive!!!
For more Edgar Winter, go to EdgarWinter.com

About the name…

Yeah, yeah, I know… Laser Show Dynamic… L.S.D. Coincidence?
Actually… Yes. It is.
Sure, the art I create is visually trippy as it celebrates beautiful and often trippy music.
But here’s the rather boring truth behind the name:
I spent years trying to come up with a name for what I create. I thought of words and phrases like “Light Magic” “Laser Magician” “Laser Artistry” and many more, most of which I’ve forgotten. I wanted to create a name that captured the experience and what makes it unique. What makes it different.
And by the time I was able to capture what I do in a way that I can share it (and even help the musicians I admire and for whom I’m truly grateful) the internet and websites came into play.
So it basically came down to this: Search Engine Optimization. Yeah, I know – boring.
I knew that I had to have the words “Laser” and “Show” because they are the basic thing of it, and what most people would use to search for this kind of experience. But it took a while to figure out the one last word in the name. (three-word names being best)
That third word had to be accurate, compelling, and really convey what makes my laser artistry different than every other laser light show out there. Most laser light shows are repetitive patterns/algorhythms that try to compliment the music. My artistry starts from a system I created in 1986 where the motion of the laser is the music itself. And that’s the difference. The dynamics of the music. “Dynamic.” Perfect.
Great! I have the three words. What order do I put them in? Hmmmm… “Laser Show” had to come first, and in that order, because search engines can find it faster when people look for beautiful laser light and music shows. So “Dynamic” had to come last. Which is fine with me, because “Laser Show Dynamic” has a nice ring and flow to it. Can’t help the possibly controversial inititals. Apologies to both those who are worried about the intials and to those who may be disappointed in the actual why of it. If you like, think of Laser Show Dynamic as the safe and legal drug-free LSD. You can enjoy it anytime (except when you’re driving, of course…) and it’s always a great trip!

BTW, all Laser Show Dynamic videos are a wonderful way to relax before you go to bed, or any time you’re stressed-out. As you experience Laser Show Dynamic, your mind is pulled into it both visually and aurally. Your brain realizes and homes in on the coolness that you are seeing what you are hearing. This pulls you out of the ‘tapes’ your brain was playing in your head that stress you out. You know, the worries, the stuff that ticked you off, the people that bother you, your to-do lists, etc. All the stuff you sometimes can’t help thinking about, especially when you are trying to wind down from a hard day.
Let my artistry and some of the best music you’ll ever hear take you away from that for a while.  Enjoy.
– Sam

“The Door Into Summer” – The Monkees

The Monkees – “The Door Into Summer” – Screener Version

Now you can actually see this great song from what many consider to be their best album, “Picies, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones.’ David Nesmith went on to a very creative solo career including one of my favorite movies: “Elephant Parts” – excellent music videos (many years before MTV) and some very smart comedy sketches in between. Check out his site: http://Videoranch.com

“Journey To the Center of the Mind” – Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes

Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes – “Journey To the Center of the Mind” – Screener Version

Ted Nugent was and is a force to be reckoned with both on stage and off-road.  I came up with a special trick (NOT computer animation!) to provide a full-color map for your Journey To the Center of the Mind.  For more Nugent everything, go to TedNugent.com.

“Coral” – Wayanaya Inka

Wayanay Inka – “Coral”

This is the first Laser Show Dynamic video.. Wayanay Inka plays the Riverwalk in San Antonio, and were the first to grant permission for me to create new art with their music. Check them out at http://wayanay.com and visit my site http://TheSamSchott.com for more and different kinds of coolness!

“Secrets” – Sierrra Hull

Sierra Hull – “Secrets” – Screener Version

When I first saw and heard Sierra and her incredibly tight band a few years ago, it was a revelation.   So much talent, thought, soul and energy throughout her set that I felt seriously blessed to have been there.  This video took over 100 takes to get the aesthetics the way I wanted them – the way I felt would best serve this song.  The conflict between the commitment of a golden wedding band and the fire of guilt as told in “Secrets” was what I tried to capture visually.  Enjoy!

“Coming Up For Air” – Davy Knowles

Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam – “Coming Up For Air” – Screener Version

Only one of the best new blues guitarists on the rise.   Davy Knowles.  And a band that can keep up or hang back as needed to build on or complement his expression.   My goal was the same, with a visual twist in keeping with the song’s theme.