“Hyper-Gamma-Spaces” – The Alan Parsons Project

“Hyper-Gamma-Spaces” – The Alan Parsons Project – screener

The Alan Parsons Project goes back to Abbey Road Studios where Alan had run  tape recording tech for the Beatles.  By 1974 this accomplished engineer (Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon) and producer met composer/pianist Eric Woolfson.   Together, as The Alan Parsons Project they produced concept album classics including I, Robot and Tales of Mystery and Imagination.   From Eye In the Sky comes this Transcendental Instrumental “Hyper-Gamma-Spaces.”    Enjoy the journey!

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D.C.B.A. -25 – Jefferson Airplane

 “D.C.B.A.-25”  – Jefferson Airplane – Laser Show Dynamic ® – screener

This scarce track highlights the already impressive instrumental talents of Jefferson Airplane. Intricate layers of melody interweave with an easy grace that belies the power, discipline and skill behind it all. I love it. And so will you. Thank you for flying Jefferson Airplane…                                                                                 For more music by Jefferson Airplane go to JeffersonAirplane.com and iTunes.     For more fantastic Laser Show Dynamic ® experiences go to LaserShowDynamic.com and Laser Show Dynamic’s Facebook Page!                     For more about The Light Whisperer go to TheSamSchott.com

“Cherkassy” – Tim & Myles Thompson

“Cherkassy” – Tim & Myles Thompson – screener

Father and son Tim & Myles Thompson do amazing things with string instruments.   “Cherkassy”  shows a wonderful blending of talents achieved after years of hard work.   The title is the name of a school in Ukraine they helped with benefit concerts overseas.  Catch them live when they tour near you.  In the mean time, enjoy seeing their music through the artistry of  Laser Show Dynamic!

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“Cosmic Messenger” – Jean Luc Ponty – screener

“Cosmic Messenger” – Jean Luc Ponty – screener

My favorite French violin virtuoso?  The incredible Jean Luc Ponty.  He invented entirely new sounds for the violin through fusions of beat music, rock, and classical influences combined with innovative use of distortion boxes, MIDI, phase shifters, and wah-wah pedals.
Jean played with John Mclaughlin’s Majavishnu Orchestra,  toured with Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention, and created an ocean of mind-bending music.  His influence on jazz, jazz-rock, progressive rock, orchestral, new age, and ambient music cannot be overstated.
“Cosmic Messenger” was my introduction to Jean Luc Ponty long ago thanks to a good friend with an impressive record collection.  Now, here is your introduction to his sound, thanks to Laser Show Dynamic!
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“Little Wing” – Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

 “Little Wing” – Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – screener

Amazing take on the Jimi Hendrix classic.   Take the journey through its different passages: delicate, soulful, searing power, and more.  Laser Show Dynamic brings you to an SRV night under Austin’s oaks and moon towers.  You just know Jimi loves it.
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“Maggot Brain” (Maisie-o Cut) – P-Funk All-Stars

“Maggot Brain” (Maisie-o Cut) – P-Funk All-Stars screener

Ugly title, but BEAUTIFUL music! George Clinton and his funkadelic band provide a journey sublime, lovely, intricate, and intense. Laser Show Dynamic presents it visually here for the first time ever thanks to the lasting inspiration of our own atomic dog – Maisie Grace. This Maisie-O Cut gets right to the funk!

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“Water Song” – Hot Tuna

“Water Song” – Hot Tuna – screener

Hot Tuna, the love child of Jefferson Airplane, play some of the best blues-rock EVER, both electric and acoustic.  Bass player Jack Casady, guitarist Jorma Kaukonen along with a host of other exceptional musicians gave us music that transcends labels. Their amazing talent, hard work, and deep abiding love flows from their instruments through your ears into your soul.
Choosing the first Hot Tuna song for Laser Show Dynamic proved incredibly difficult – so many great possibilities!  We present “Water Song” – soak it up and let it wash over you…
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“La Femme d’Argent” – Air (French Band)

“La Femme d’Argent” – Air (French Band) – screener 

“La Femme d’Argent” – electronica ambience at its finest from Air’s critically acclaimed album Moon Safari is presented visually for the first time by Laser Show Dynamic!
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“The Brazilian” – Genesis

“The Brazilian” – Genesis – screener

Since Genesis formed in 1967 they evolved as the best progressive rock bands did.  Great theatrical sensibilities infused their musical visions and live performances.
Though my favorite Genesis album remains “Wind & Wuthering,” (Nothing beats listening to the Japanese pressing of the LP.)  my favorite 1980’s Genesis song is “The Brazilian.”  The melody progression paints a musical version of an Escher drawing.  With Laser Show Dynamic, you’ll see what I mean…
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“Three Wishes” – Camel

“Three Wishes” – Camel – screener

Camel has been making wonderful music for decades, raising the bar for progressive rock with fusions of many influences. Lead guitarist and prolific composer Andrew Latimer’s distinctive style shines through in driving rock, haunting ballads, and works on an orchestral scale. Camel earned a very devoted following, yet still fly under most people’s radar. If you haven’t had the privilege, please allow me to make the formal introduction. Enjoy “Three Wishes” from their 2000 album “Rajaz,” through the wonder of Laser Show Dynamic!

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