“Song Within A Song” – Camel

“Song Within A Song” – Laser Show Dynamic ®   screener   

Today most people seem to have the attention span of a… What was I saying?  Oh, right.   The long-lived creatively impressive progressive rock/fusion band Camel specializes in music that is meant to be listened to, not mearly heard as back-ground.  Those of you who still can turn off your phone and television and spend time just listening to great music will be justly rewarded by this sweet piece from Camel’s album “MoonMadness.”  Thanks to Laser Show Dynamic you not only get to listen with your ears, you also get to listen with your eyes.  Savor the experience.
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“Three Wishes” – Camel

“Three Wishes” – Camel – screener

Camel has been making wonderful music for decades, raising the bar for progressive rock with fusions of many influences. Lead guitarist and prolific composer Andrew Latimer’s distinctive style shines through in driving rock, haunting ballads, and works on an orchestral scale. Camel earned a very devoted following, yet still fly under most people’s radar. If you haven’t had the privilege, please allow me to make the formal introduction. Enjoy “Three Wishes” from their 2000 album “Rajaz,” through the wonder of Laser Show Dynamic!

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