“Fat Old Sun” – David Gilmour

“Fat Old Sun” – David Gilmour – screener

Laser Show Dynamic’s 50th video!  Such a milestone required an extraordinarily special musical experience.  And so it is.
David Gilmour is one of the very best reasons for the invention of the guitar.  This British blues master brought a distinctive style and vocals that elevated Pink Floyd’s music over a span of decades.
“Fat Old Sun” was first written and sung by Gilmour for Pink Floyd in 1970 for the album “Atom Heart Mother.”  A favorite of Pink Floyd tours, it often blossomed into extended instrumental jams that were truly legendary.
This track you are about to see through the artistry and magic of Laser Show Dynamic was recorded in 2006 during the David Gilmour solo “On An Island” tour at the Gdansk Shipyard. Pink Floyd bandmate Richard Wright joins David on keyboards, making this very special experience even moreso.

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